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Today’s hottest demand of my customers is the Installation of WILCOM EMBROIDERY STUDIO E2 and getting this software for free. Wilcom is an easy and most favorite software for creating beautiful embroideries for making gurujis outfitters for a beautiful woman. infect every woman is beautiful. This software interface is very easy, and peoples easily learn how to use wilcom. And eye-touching creative tools for making designs. Software is very fast and makes beautiful Embroidery Designs for fabric shoes and dresses.

Now we discuss HOW TO INSTALL EMBROIDERY STUDIO on any windows it's 7 or 10. We recommend using win 10 and a minimum of 8 GB of Ram and I3 processor 3.1 or high. And we install it on win 10. If you install fresh win on your laptop or PC is good but if not able to install fresh you reset the old window. first, install wilcom after that you install all other software. after installation of drivers you are able to install WINRAR for easily uncompressed software folder. for WinRAR, set up follow the link and download it.

If you face trouble downloading, you see this page “HOW TO DOWNLOAD WINRAR”


  1. First, this is going to the windows firewall and turning it off. 
  2. Open change user Account Control panel settings and turn it off for some time.

                      now you go to the below link for downloading Wilcom Embroidery Studio e2.


Go to the folder where you download wilcom and uncompressed part 01 and Extract all parts automatically. 

Now open the folder of  “Wilcom E2 For Windows 10” 

Step 1.

 find the folder with the name of “Sentinel LDK Run-time setup 64 Bit” in “HASP folder” and open it and you find “HASPUserSetup” install it.

Installation of “HASPUserSetup”

  • press enter and start the installation
  • then click Next
  • Check the license agreement box and click on next
  • now again then click on the Next button 
  • Install this Driver and then click on the finish button.

Step number 2.

open again the main folder and run “Emul_64x_e2.0” if u install 64-bit windows. but if you install 32-bit windows you find the file of “4.Emul_32bit or 64bit”

  • Install “E2T.reg” it takes some time some time
  • Install “2006. reg” it takes some time some time.
  • run with the administrator of “prereqset64v3” then press any key from the keyboard to Continue. when it's finished this Must be restarted on Your laptop or PC.
  • Install “install_2006_E2T” it takes some time some time
  • Install “install_E2T”. it takes some time.

Step 3.

Now open  “5.ES_V2.0J (ML)” and install setup when ask to add a password you put the password “Kashif106544rana” “K” capital and others all are in small.

Step 4.

when your computer or laptop restarting go to the Crack folder and copy the “bin” folder and paste it where your wilcom is installed. 

Enjoy Wilcom

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